About the CSSB


As the Plan trustee, the Board is required to:

  • Manage The Civil Service Superannuation Fund (Fund) in accordance with the rules of the Plan, governing legislation, and common law in the interest of Plan members and their beneficiaries

  • Obtain an actuarial valuation every three years

  • Regularly review its investment policy

  • Obtain an independent audit each year

  • Prepare an Annual Report


The day-to-day management of investment assets and delivery of pension and insurance benefits is accomplished by a dedicated and diverse team consisting of approximately 50 staff members.


The amount of pension a member will receive is not directly related to investment returns. Good investment returns are necessary to secure the Fund’s ability to continue to meet its current and future obligations to pay benefits, and are the major contributor to surplus.


Privacy Statement


In the context of providing administrative services in connection with the Civil Service Superannuation Fund (Pension Plan) and various other plans, the Civil Service Superannuation Board of Manitoba (the “CSSB”) interacts with the personal information of plan members and associated individuals.



The CSSB is committed to ensuring the privacy of plan members and associated individuals and maintaining the confidentiality, accuracy and security of the personal information with which it works. As part of this commitment, the CSSB has established a Privacy Policy modeled after the principles set out in The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (Manitoba). Please see our Privacy Policy at the following link here.



The Privacy Policy governs the actions of the CSSB as they relate to the collection, use, disclosure, retention, destruction and security of personal information as well as individual access to personal information. The CSSB reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement as well as the Privacy Policy at any time, without notice.



Any questions related to the Privacy Policy or the CSSB’s treatment of personal information should be addressed to the CSSB Privacy Officer as specified in the Privacy Policy.


Our Vision


A professional, sustainable pension plan, designed for the future of our members.


Our Mission and Purpose


To deliver to our plan members their pension entitlements.


We will do this by:

  • Acting collaboratively with each other, with employers and with the plan sponsor, constantly seeking member-focussed outcomes.

  • Prudently investing and monitoring plan assets.

  • Delivering timely, accurate information to members, allowing them to make educated, informed decisions.

  • Fostering a working environment that attracts and retains motivated, talented people.


Our Values


In our relationships, decisions, words and actions, we are guided by the following values:

  • Staying resolutely member-focussed; always seeking the best outcomes for our members;

  • Acting with integrity, professionalism and excellence;

  • Ensuring transparency and accountability to our members and other stakeholders;

  • Pursuing and rewarding innovation, in the interests of best outcomes;

  • Modelling and fostering collaboration and respectful action as the means of pursuing best member outcomes.


CSSB Management Team


Bruce Schroeder

General Manager


Dale Allen

Director, Management Information Systems


Patti Malbasa

Director, Communications and Client Services


Dawn Prokopowich

Director, Client Services Administration


Rick Wilson

Director, Finance and Investment Communications & Management Services

The Civil Service Superannuation Board of Manitoba

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