Annual Employee Pension Statement
When are the Annual Employee Pension Statements available?

The Annual Employee Pension Statements are available once the CSSB has verified and balanced the information submitted by your employer. The CSSB is required by The Pension Benefits Act to have the Annual Employee Pension Statement available for the prior year by the end of June.


Members that are signed up for the CSSB Online Services will receive an email notification when their Statement is ready and available for download.

What Does The Information On My Employee Pension Statement Mean?

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Check to make sure all your personal data is accurate. If you feel your service is inaccurate, please contact your Human Resource department. Please include your PIN for all inquiries to our office.

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The lifetime pension amount is projected based on your prior years' service and earnings up to the retirement dates. Any increase in salary will adjust these amounts.

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If your spouse/common-law partner's name is not shown, you can update their name in the Edit My Profile section of the CSSB's Online Services.


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Questions about your Employee Pension Statement?


Some common questions are answered here.


Why Are My Pensionable Service And Qualifying Service Amounts Different?

Pensionable Service is the time on which you are contributing or contributions are being made on your behalf to the Fund. For example, if you worked 1/2 time in 2019, your Pensionable Service for 2019 would be .5000.


Qualifying Service is employment (or combined periods of employment) that is unbroken by resignation, termination or retirement except for a temporary absence/layoff. A temporary absence/layoff is considered to be a period of employment if the absence/layoff does not exceed 54 consecutive weeks. For example, if you worked 1/2 time in 2019, your Qualifying Service for 2019 would be 1.0000.


As well, a difference between your Pensionable Service and Qualifying Service could be due to Pensionable Service using pay periods to determine service while Qualifying Service uses calendar days to determine service.

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