Timeline As You Approach Retirement


If you are considering retirement, there are a number of things to think about as your retirement date approaches. The following are suggested timeframes to ensure you receive all relevant information and meet all of the Civil Service Superannuation Board deadlines for form's submissions.


Prior to your retirement date, you must notify your employer of your intention to retire.


Within Two Years Of Retirement
  • If you aren't already registered for CSSB Online Services, sign up! Once registered as an employee, your access will continue as a pensioner. 

  • Use the Pension Estimate function in the Online Services to begin seeing and understanding what options are available to you.

  • If you have any questions about your CSSB pension, contact a CSSB Client Services rep.

  • Attend a CSSB PreRetirement Seminar

  • Consider what time of the year you want to retire?

  • Contact your Human Resources/Payroll department to discuss vacation banking.

  • Contact a financial planner if you require assistance with your decisions.


Within 18 Months Of Retirement

  • Research the health insurance plan that is best for you and your family.

  • If your spouse is still working, will you be able to continue medical coverage in the event of your spouse's retirement or death?

  • Evaluate your life insurance needs in comparison to your coverage and consider any conversion rights. 

  • Review your estate plan and make sure your will, trust, and powers of attorney are up to date.


Within One Year Of Retirement

  • Use the Pension Estimate function in the Online Services.

  • If you have any questions about your CSSB pension, contact a CSSB Client Services rep.

  • Gather any proofs of age and supporting documents needed to apply for your CSSB pension. We must have all necessary proofs of age before any benefits can be paid. These documents can be submitted by fax or through the Send CSSB A Document function found in your Online Services account. Do not mail in original documents because they will not be returned.

  • Contact your Human Resources/Payroll department for information on employer benefits (severance pay, vacation accruals and cash outs, etc.)

  • Contact Service Canada for information on your Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security benefits.


Within Six Months Of Retirement

  • Carefully review the pension payment options. Decide which fits your needs and those of your family. Remember, you can't change the option or your survivor pension beneficiary after your retirement effective date.

  • Review the health insurance plans offered and decide on a plan. Ensure that your post-retirement coverage will start when your employment ends.

  • Notify your Human Resource/Payroll office of your intention to retire.

  • Complete and submit your CSSB Retirement Forms. Suggested reading: Applying for a Retirement Pension.


Within Two Months Of Retirement

  • If required, complete and submit The Pension Benefits Act Spousal Waiver Form to the CSSB.


Retired At Last!

  • Suggested reading: What to expect after you apply for your pension 

  • The CSSB will provide you with documentation when your final employment information from your employer has been received, verified and finalized with the CSSB. This may take between three and six months from retirement date.

  • Watch for your pension payments on the 2nd last banking day of each month.

  • Watch for email notifications from the CSSB when your monthly statement, T4A, and pensioner newsletter are available.

  • Keep us updated with your current street address, phone number, and email address. This can be done through the Edit My Profile function in your Online Services account or by mail.


Important note: If mail is returned from the last known address of the pension recipient, the CSSB will make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient and update the information. Upon the discretion of the CSSB, further pension payments may cease until contact is made with the pension recipient.

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