The Civil Service Superannuation Board


Subsection 5(1) of the Act requires that The Civil Service Superannuation Fund be administered by a board consisting of nine members of whom four shall be representatives of the employees. The appointment of the additional five members of the board representing employers is made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council. The Board meets 10 to 12 times per year.


The Board has the fiduciary responsibility for the administration of the Plan and management of the investment funds in the best interest of all Plan members and beneficiaries. It is also responsible to:

  • Ensure that staff fulfil the investment and administrative obligations set out in the Act and comply with the requirements of both the Pension Benefits Act of Manitoba and the Income Tax Act

  • Delegate the day-to-day management to the General Manager and staff

  • Provide overall direction and approval of policy items


Chair – Mr. Al Morin


Employee Representatives

Mr. Ray Erb (Vice-Chair)
Mr. Jody Gillis

Mr. Doug Troke

Mr. Reed Winstone


Employer Representatives

Mr. Ed Balcewich

Mr. Normand Collet
Mr. Wayne McGimpsey


The Civil Service Superannuation Board of Manitoba

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