Direct Deposit Changes


Important note: If mail is returned from the last known address of the pension recipient, the CSSB will make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient and update the information. Upon the discretion of the CSSB, further pension payments may cease until contact is made with the pension recipient.


Pension payments are deposited the second last business day of the month. Changes to direct deposit information must be submitted to the Board in writing at least a few weeks in advance.


To change your direct deposit we require a voided cheque or a direct deposit form from your financial institution that MUST be signed and dated. We will not make the change without the member’s signature. Please make sure to include your pension PIN number or your SIN with your signature.


The cheque image below shows where to get the proper banking information from your cheque.






















If needed, a CSSB Direct Deposit Change Form for pension payments can be found here.


Please note, direct deposit payments can only be made to financial institutions in Canada.


How Do I Send In A Change to My Direct Deposit Information


Do not email your direct deposit change!


You can send your direct deposit change through

  • your Online Services account. Under Document Centre (top left of screen), select "Send CSSB A Document",

  • fax to 1-204-945-0237, or

  • mail to

The Civil Service Superannuation Board

c/o Pension Department

1200-444 St. Mary Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3T1

The Civil Service Superannuation Board of Manitoba

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