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Important note: If mail is returned from the last known address of the pension recipient, the CSSB will make reasonable attempts to contact the recipient and update the information. Upon the discretion of the CSSB, further pension payments may cease until contact is made with the pension recipient.


I thought I continued my Life/Dependents Insurance into retirement but there aren't any premiums being deducted yet?

Your first few pension payments may not include any premiums being deducted but don't worry! We have not yet applied the retirement insurance to your account (but you are covered). This is done when we finalize your account as the premiums are taken from the day your employee coverage ends and prepays for the month following, so the premium amounts tend to be higher.


We coincide this with finalizing your account as we pay you a lesser dollar amount while on estimate and when we finalize your account, there is a one-time adjustment (for paying a lesser dollar amount while on estimate) which helps with the retro insurance premiums.


You will know when you have been finalized as you will receive information indicating what your pension will be from that point forward and what the one-time adjustment is.


Why am I still being paid on estimate?

As indicated on your acknowledgement letter, your pension will be on estimate until we have received all required documentation and verified the information provided by the employer. In most cases, until your pension has been finalized, the amount paid on estimate may be lower than previously provided pension estimates as all service and earnings may not have been updated in your account.


Once we have finalized your pension and made the retroactive adjustments for estimated amounts, we will send you information confirming your pension arrangements and provide the actual pension amount and deductions. You will know when you have been finalized when you receive information indicating all that happened in your account. This can take anywhere from three to six months. 


What information do you need when a pensioner passes away?

It is important to notify CSSB of a member’s death as soon as possible. We will need the name of the deceased, date of birth and date of death. Information will then be provided in writing to the estate or the individual handling the deceased’s affairs.

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