When Should I Contact A Client Services Representative?


Feel free to contact us any time you have a question about your pension benefits.


If you’re thinking of retiring, we suggest you contact us or run yourself a pension estimate through our Online Services between three and six months prior to your anticipated retirement date. The letter accompanying your pension estimate will provide details about your options and applicable deadlines.


If you’ve left employment and are not commencing a pension, your employer will notify us of your termination once you have been paid your final salary and any other amounts owing to you (such as vacation cashout). At that point we’ll send you a termination option package. There’s no need for you to contact us before you get this package. Once you receive it, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or you need any assistance.


If you would like to meet with a Client Services Representative, we recommend arranging an appointment ahead of time. Although we can usually accommodate walk-ins, we can’t guarantee that someone will be available at all times.  

The Civil Service Superannuation Board of Manitoba

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